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FAQ & About Strata365



Why use our service?


 Value - Service - Support 


  • Accessibility - Easy to use, easy to manage
  • Affordability - Read to go platoform, email and file management
  • Features  - Only the features you need, nothing more or less.
  • Support - Customer for life: Always here to support our clients. 


What's the catch?


  • Nothing! - $1 day (annual plan) with a setup fee to get started
  • Why not charge more? - Future preminum options may come
  • How...  - We bridge the gap between your property managment company, council and owners. A platform full of information that is easy to use, manage - creating a better strata experience


Why was Strata365 created?



I've been a strata home owner for years, a contractor working for multiple buildings and a council member. I've worked closely with property managers and councils and there has always been a missing step to bring more information together and make running a building - or several - much easier - Strata365 was in the making...



There are several options in the marketplace that I looked into...


Several cost a lot of money... Over $100 monthly...

Out dated with old designs and limited features. 

Others are over the top with too many features...

None seem to have the email management and core features that are easy to use with a modern and functional design.



This is where Strata365 comes in, a great platform at a very affordable price while featuring a fresh new design and one on one service.    


Email me today to find out how I can help - 


- Rich @ Strata365